Hello! Welcome to the Coven! My name is Bree; mother of 5 🖤

I started BRC January of 2021, and we are slowly expanding to offer new and exciting things. We have a wonderful team of amazing woman and work our hardest to provide the best service we can. Be sure to check out our FB page BlackRose Co


Please be advised:

All of our clothing is washed in gain detergent and gain fabric softener.

If you need your items washing in all free in clear, please message the store immediately after you make your purchase.

Customers are talking

They are so comfortable. I want to wear one every day, but I have to work so….
I love that this company directly profits a small business. Yay small business owners!

Gail Flath

The shirt is so pretty! I even loved the packaging you put it in ❤️ I'll definitely buy from y'all again!

Kristy Bryant

Great customer service and love my shirt! Great work

Ashley Spradlin