Here are common questions with answers!
Announcements/Upcoming Drops:
  • The quickest place to get announcements and see future drops is in our Facebook group! Here you can see future drops before they are on the site, contests, and giveaways. You can also score yourself a rep code to save extra money on your order! 

Turn around time:

  • Our turn around or (TAT) is 25 Business days, this does not include holidays or weekends. TAT is listed on the top of the webpage and is also listed in our Facebook group. You agree to our TAT when you checkout.

Custom order requests:

  • BlackRose does take custom order requests. These requests are open for 2 days out of the month. We announce are upcoming opening for customs in our Facebook group. If you are in need of customs for a fundraiser or awareness shirts please message us by using the chat option on the home screen. 
    Order Issues:
    • If you have tracking information but your package hasn't arrived or it did arrive but it is damaged, you can fill out a claim (if you have the route shipping insurance) or I can. See the section on the shipping insurance for the claim form or shoot me a message and I can help!

    Shipping Insurance: 

    • ROUTE INSURANCE is available at check out. It is $0.98 if your cart is less than $100 or 1% for orders over $100. ROUTE INSURANCE is offered as an add on. It covers all lost, stolen or damaged packages. It is AUTOMATICALLY checked at checkout. By removing ROUTE INSURANCE from your cart, you are acknowledging full responsibility if your order is lost, stolen or damaged. I will not be able to replace or refund your order.


    • Please note that the shipping method you choose has nothing to do with the time frame of which your order is placed. Even if you pick PRIORITY shipping, it still falls under the current TAT.

    Contacting FourCubs:

    • Our contact information can be found at the bottom of our home page. You can message the store directly by clicking on the message icon, or by emailing the store at blckrosecoven@gmail.com
    • Messages are answered within 24 hours by either myself, or another team member.


    If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out :)